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Erleben Sie einen fortschrittlichen Ansatz für Zahntherapie und Ästhetik

Iskusite napredni pristup dentalnoj terapiji i estetici



"Jednostavan osmijeh. To je početak otvaranja srca i suosjećanja s drugima." - Dalai lama

Vjerujemo da svatko zaslužuje primiti ali i dati osmijeh drugima. Mi smo tu da Vam pomognemo da 
taj osmijeh bude što ljepši. 


Ordinaciju TreeDent osnovali smo 2020 godine sa vizijom modernog stomatološkog centra 
kako bi pružili sveukupnu stomatološku uslugu na jednome mjestu. Tree - Dent sinonim je drveta
dentalnog zdravlja i života na čijim su granama sve stomatološke usluge koje ćemo Vam pružiti
imajući u vidu primjenu znanosti i modernih tehnologija. TreeDent je opremljen suvremenim CBCT i RTG 
uređajima za dijagnostiku koja za nas predstavlja temelj svake dentalne terapije.  
Za Vas to znači manji broj posjeta učinkoviti plan rehabilitacije i posvećenost terapiji. 
Naša stomatološka ordinacija smještena je na sjeverozapadu Hrvatske u centru baroknog grada Varaždina.
Vaše dentalno putovanje može započeti sa TreeDentom.

dr. dent. med. Mihaela Salaj Žužul


Zahnreparatur und Behandlung





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Oralna kirurgija


Krunice za zube


  • What is the vision of the TreeDent dental practice?
    TreeDent is one of the leading offices of dental service providers where we have hired experienced and educated dentists who are skilled in using advanced approaches to aesthetics and dental therapy, guided exclusively by quality. Each therapy is optimally planned because we believe that every person deserves a beautiful smile and strive to achieve it without costing you a fortune, guided by the principle of the best price-quality ratio for the services provided.
  • What types of dental services are provided at TreeDent?
    At TreeDent, we offer dental repair and treatment, placement of dental implants, dental veneers, dental x-rays, oral surgery and dental crowns at simple and affordable prices. We have a team of the best professionals, so you are in safe hands if you hire us for further treatment.
  • What is a common dental problem that our clients face?
    One of the most common dental problems that patients encounter is tooth decay. At some point in life, every person experiences tooth decay. Starting with the production of dental fillings in which TreeDent offers innovative periodontal performance solutions to preserve the periodontium and prevent gingivitis and further periodontal diseases. Solving complete or partial toothlessness is a problem that we approach with prosthetic and implantology replacements.
  • Has inflammation of the gums appeared around your dental bridge or crown?
    Quality prosthetic work with today's use of digital technologies should last over 10 years. Unfortunately, the majority of analog prosthetic designs (impressions taken over the dental impression material) are subject to deviations and millimeter errors. These errors in the later stages of cementing the work result in the doctor having to "adjust" the bite or perform grinding operations so that the prosthetic work fits ideally in the 3D projection of the adjacent teeth. With such work, the patient is left to the risk of the human factor of the doctor's performance, who in the cementing process extracts errors that occurred due to the analog approach to making prosthetic work. TreeDent offers fully digitally guided planning and prosthetic performance so that your dental crowns are planned and fabricated without deviation in performance. By applying digital 3D CBCT technologies and intraoral 3D scanning, we have ensured that your work on the implant is planned from the projection of the implant setting to the final processing of the crown in the mouth. This way of setting up the work, imperfections are solved in the planning stages and a high-quality fit to the papillae and gums is ensured, which is not later irritated and susceptible to periodontal inflammation.
  • Who are the dentists who will repair your teeth?
    TreeDent employs 2 doctors of general dental practice, a specialist in oral surgery and additional support staff. The TreeDent dental practice takes care of constant investment in the knowledge of its employees, bearing in mind the latest scientific research and innovations in the field of dentistry that we offer through some services to our clients. . You can read more details about our employees here (https://www.treedent. hr/onama).

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